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I think that…

  • Ignorance can be bliss for short-term happiness
  • Communication isn’t helpful without comprehension
  • There is always time for what we want
  • Awareness of your surrounding environment and people is necessary  
  • We should try to not take things personally 
  • People express the same emotion differently 
  • People don’t change
  • Judging is inevitable 
  • Consistency is harder than motivation
  • The “bare minimum” doesn’t exist; it’s normalized today
  • People are sensitive
  • Sharing your opinions is dangerous 
  • Cancel culture is so immature 
  • It’s easy to be influenced 
  • We let people hurt us because the pain without them hurts more
  • Time goes by fast no matter if you’re having fun
  • Our patience varies based on the person
  • We speak before we educate
  • We pretend to care about a topic if it’s trending
  • No matter how much sleep, everyone’s tired
  • Money controls our life
  • We complain too much 
  • Excuses are overused
  • We underestimate ourselves
  • If you want it, you can have it
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