Silk Pillowcases

Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases claim to be gentler on your skin and hair while sleeping. According to Sleepy Silk, the 9 benefits of sleeping on silk are the following:

  1. More breathable fabirc that allows for yout skins hydration
  2. A smooth creaceless sleep
  3. Better hair
  4. Cooler material
  5. Cleaner becuase silk is antimicrobial
  6. Good for sensitive skin
  7. Soft and comfroabek
  8. Preventing bald patches
  9. Less sweat

Don’t get me wrong, these benefits aren’t proven and could just be a bunch of myths created to improve silk pillowcase sales. These 9 tips are from a silk company so they have bias lol. Click here for a Washington Post article on silk pillowcases for another perspective.

I personally have used silk pillowcases for the past 8 months and have noticed an improvement in my sleep. Specifically, the pillowcases stay cooler than my cotton ones and are more comfortable on my face. Silk pillowcases can be very expensive, but the ones I’ve found from amazon are a better and cheaper find. They have lasted for 8 months so far and I wash them at least 4 times a month. Whether silk pillowcases work or not, I still like the look of them when I make my bed. Enjoy the recommendation. They are around $25 on Amazon. Click here.

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