Tool for improving speech abilities

Tool for improving speech abilities

From personal experience, in order to improve your speaking fluency and pronunciation, you need to hear your own voice. We are accustomed to our own voice, yet we can’t actually hear exactly what we sound like to other people. Even when practicing speech exercises, I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong because I sounded the same to myself. When we can truly hear our own voice, we can pinpoint the areas that need to be improved. 

In order to hear your own voice, rather than recording yourself and playing it back, you need a tool that allows you to talk and listen simultaneously. My elementary school speech pathologist advised me to get a PVC elbow tube pipe and use it as a telephone. I was able to speak and directly hear myself. Moreover, by using the pipe, I was able to hear my voice from the perspective of someone else.

Originally since I couldn’t hear my speech impediment when speaking, I never understood it. Thankfully, this tool granted me an awareness of my voice and allowed for improvement. I recommend holding the tube to your ear and then speaking into the pipe. My mom’s a voice teacher and ended up using this tool with her students so they could hear themselves sing. Her students were able to hear the pitch and tone of their voices and ultimately become better singers.

Overall, this tool is cheap ($5 or less) and easy to find (Home Depot or Lowes sells them). The elbow pipe basically like an old fashion telephone. Here are pictures of what they look like:

Home Depot Option

Lowes Option

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