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About Natalie

Welcome to The Real World

My name is Natalie and I’m a 17-year-old from Florida. During the COVID pandemic, I really got into working on myself and prioritizing a happy and healthy lifestyle. I started posting daily quotes on my Snapchat private story for over 300 days. But only 20 people were seeing my daily posts and most of them were just skipping through them. So basically I was posting my deep thoughts and revelations to myself. I know I’m young and haven’t experienced much, but I’m certain what I have is so important to share with more than 20 inactive followers. 

This website has daily posts of inspiration and things that you don’t even know are going on in this world. It also has my favorite workouts, shopping finds, and recommendations that I truly swear by. I want this website to be the source for my daily reflections and gratitude that connect people all over the world. I want you to grow up with me, as this only the beginning for us. 

This website is even more special to me because of the meaning behind the name. Growing up, I faced a speech impediment called rhotacism, in which you have difficultly announcing the letters R and W. I’m such an extroverted person and wasn’t going to let anything slow me down. I began singing, public speaking, leadership roles, and speech and debate until I finally could loudly say my Rs and Ws. That feeling of conquest brought me so much satisfaction, so I picked a name that showed off my newest accomplishment. The name also represents the purpose of my website, which is to promote a healthy mind and lifestyle that’s filled with gratitude, self-love, and balanced fitness.  This website also contains a section with links to videos, resources, articles, and advice for people facing speech impairments or simply people who have trouble public speaking. 

I want to be transparent and real with you. I want to be personal.

My Snapchat private story’s name is “Real World,” so this website is the inside scoop of my private life. This website is my first step towards living and doing things that matter. Despite where you are in your life or who you’ve been, we have more in common than you might think. We are both living in the same Real World.

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