Dealing With Change

Dealing With Change

Change is inevitable. Sometimes it can be in our favor, sometimes it is against us. It may be cliche to say, but it’s the things and people in our life that change that will ultimately guide us to who we are and where we want to be. Change is required for growth because it uncovers our strengths and weaknesses. Change can inspire us. We can ignore change. But then we are living in a new world with an outdated mindset, only making it harder to reach our potential. In order to move forward in life, we can’t re-open past events or reconnect with the people we swore we’d move on from. We must focus on progression as opposed to regression. Life is constantly moving and you either go with it or are overwhelmed by it. Some change affects every person on the planet, one specific region, or just our personal selves. 

For me, the current change in my life is the end of my high school experience. High school transitioned from my everyday life to just another memory. This is an important milestone and may be overwhelming since it’s considered the “end” of my childhood. However, I look at this time in my life as the beginning as I prepare my college journey at the University of Florida. By changing my mindset from an “end” to a “beginning,” I am able to welcome this change. 

We have control of how we act and respond to different aspects of life. However, “what” changes is out of anyone’s control. I’ve noticed how easy it can be to work so hard to fix something that can’t be fixed and then give little attention to the only actions we can take to cope with change. It is difficult to give one advice about accepting change because it is through experiencing change that we learn best. 

I believe that pinpointing the change in our society is helpful for realization and awareness, but the response to change is the most important, as it is the only thing in our control. I love being in control and planning my life so it is hard to realize that I don’t have control over change. In order to cope with change, I recommend prioritizing the needs and wants of your life in order to make the adaptation to the new stage of life less scary. For me, I want to focus on my personal well-being including fitness and health, and who I surround myself with. Use the power you DO have instead of dwelling on the small things you can’t control. Another way to persevere through change is through habit formation. Habits create a foundation for consistency. The book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear is a great read if you need advice on breaking and forming daily habits. Lastly, here is a Ted Talk that provides insight on how adaptability will help you deal with change. Wishing everyone good luck with your current and upcoming chapters. 

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