#6 Quote

#6 Quote

“Maybe it’s not a fear of the unknown but a fear of the known coming to an end.” -Dr. Jamie Zuckerman

We feel comfortable in what we are used to. Without familiarity, we overthink and it’s usually worst-case scenario thinking. When stages of our life end and lead to new beginnings, we are forced to change our situation and habits in order to adjust. The upcoming stages of our life aren’t as scary as we make them out to be. In reality, after leaving our comfort zone, we create the most positive changes and allow self-reflection. The more uncomfortable we make ourselves, the more likely we are to reach our goals. Fear is inevitable even for the bravest people. We can use fear to our advantage by making it a motivating factor for our lifestyle and actions. Fear and excitement are hard to differentiate. We get the same adrenaline rush for both feelings. We can hear our loud heartbeat. We either can’t sit still or can’t move a muscle. When we feel our body start to acquire these signs, choose to be excited instead of fearful. Yes, the known will end and yes that is uncomfortable. Acknowledge this. Accept this. And live life despite this. 

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