#4 quote

#4 quote

I’m reading this book Atomic Habits by James Clear. Right now I’m learning how to change habits that we do unconsciously (aka without awareness). Clear said we must be aware of what we are doing in order to change it. Page 62 says,

“If a habit remains mindless, you can’t expect to improve it.”

Self-awareness is a big part of learning how to break ineffective or “bad” habits. Nothing is bad though because even a “bad” habit satisfies you in the moment( just not so much in the long run). For example, eating a big ice cream isn’t the best if your goal is to stay healthy and lose weight, but in the moment it makes you happy. But when you’re aware of what you are doing, you’re more likely to create balance with your decisions. In this same example, by being aware of your “bad” habit of indulging in dessert every day, you are more likely to “edit” your habit and limit desserts to once a week. This allows you to satisfy your craving while maintaining balance( balance is a good habit). It’s not good to restrict yourself because then the urge to rebel is higher and it makes it easier to give up on your goal.

If you deny your habit, you can’t change it.

My advice to you:

Stop and think about what your day-to-day looks like. Ask yourself what you like about it and disklike. Write down one thing you want to change and focus on it for the week. As you become more aware of your actions, you will understand why things happen the way they do and have the power to choose how to live your life. Also, definitely read the book Atomic Habits if you’re interested in forming good habits and breaking bad ones.

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