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Ease into working out

Here’s a beginner workout split that doesn’t require a lot of machinery or equipment. You can customize the weight.


Superset: basically means to rotate between the two workouts

3 sets of 12 means do the exercise 12 times in a row for 3 sets

Equipment: and  


PULL (back and bis)

  • Lat pull downs– 4 sets of 12 (30-45lb range)
How to Do Lat Pulldowns Correctly – Scout Life magazine
  • Superset: Bicep curls and hammer curls– 3 sets of 12 (8-10lbs)

Hammer Curls vs Bicep Curls: 7 Major Differences Explained - Inspire USFirst pic is bicep, second hammer

  • Face pulls 4 sets of 12 (10-20lbs)

Face Pull Standards for Men and Women (kg) - Strength Level Remember elbows up

  • Assisted pull-ups– 3 sets of 4 (55-75lbs)

LEGS (quads)

  • Superset: Sumo squats with weight (20-25lbs)  and without weight  (4 sets of 15)

Sumo Squat | Illustrated Exercise Guidefor the set w/o weight, u can pulse 

  • Calf raises 4 sets of 15 (50-60lbs)

Use the machine if u have it, if not use weights like this girl

ROAD TO FITNESS: Try this calf raise exercise to strengthen your lower leg
Machine Calf Raise Standards for Men and Women (kg) - Strength Level
  • Leg extension 3 sets of 15 (40-50lbs)

Hoist Leg Extension RS-1401-A – CFF STRENGTH EQUIPMENT (CFF FIT)U might have to adjust the back of the seat so that its close enough 

  • Alternating lunges 3 sets of 10 each leg (5-10lbs)
What is a Lunge? - 200 LUNGES

PUSH ( tris and shoulders)

  • Superset: Lateral raises and shoulder press 3 sets of 12 (5-10lbs) 

Dumbbell lateral raise exercise guide and video | Weight Training Guidelateral raises

How To Do Shoulder Overhead Press - Get Healthy Ushoulder press

  • Cable shoulder pulls 3 sets of 10 (2.5-7.5lbs)
  • 16 Best Cable Shoulder Exercises For 3D Delts - SET FOR SET
  • Tricep rope pulls 3 sets of 15 (10-20lbs)
How To Do Tricep Rope Pushdown (Triceps) – Fitness Volt
  • Skull crushers 3 sets of 10 (12-15lbs)
Barbell skull crusher exercise guide and video | Weight Training Guide

GLUTES (hamstrings)

  • Hip bridge with band pulses 3 sets of 15 (medium to heavy band)
11 Workouts ideas | resistance band glute exercises, glutes workout, band  workout
  • Single leg and donkey kicks 3 sets of 15 (medium to heavy band)
Single-Leg Glute Kickback — SHOCK – SHOCK: Women's Fitness
  • Hamstring curls 3 sets of 10 (20-35lbs)
Improve Your Leg Strength with These Six Hamstring Curls Variations – DMoose
  • Kickbacks 3 sets of 12 (10-15lbs)
  • 11 Glute Kickback Variations with Cable, Bands, and Bodyweight - SET FOR SET
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