#3 quote

#3 quote

This is your reminder to not give up on your goals because you feel like it’s too late to start. You need to keep yourself motivated even if you have to force yourself at first. Make your own goals with set dates. Give yourself consequences if you don’t reach them (make the goals reasonable and don’t be too hard on yourself). Make sure you don’t let missed goals and due dates pass over you because, without discipline, you lose consistency. Act as if your set goals are real-life deadlines.

You can’t rely on someone else to push you because they aren’t always dependable. If you are blaming others for your lack of consistency are you even living your OWN LIFE? If you want consistency, you have to be the person you depend on. (of course, support is great and helpful) but make sure to….

Learn how to get things done on your own by finding situations you strive off of.

For example, working out motivates me, so I will continue to do this daily in order to motivate all aspects of my life. Start by doing something you already enjoy consistently because then it won’t feel like a chore. For example, paint or sing every day. When you learn how to keep this routine, you will have learned skills that will allow you to do less “fun” things consistently like work, taxes, studying, etc. You already have a list of things you do consistnely like brushing your teeth or showering. You’re already one step closer to your goal so keep going!

I learned in psychology about a defense mechanism called rationalization. To put it simply, it’s when you put the blame of an event or outcome on someone or something to make yourself feel better. By doing this, we are acting as the victim. We need to recognize when we are at fault for slacking on our goals because it’s the recognition that allows for change. We need to quit the BS and excuses and be proactive. This is easier said than done, but just by taking responsibility for your mistakes, you are already on track.

You can do anything. You will always be there for yourself. And I’m here for you too!

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