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2022. My Thoughts So Far…

Growth is an endless process. There is always room for improvement. This 2022, I have realized that I need to change my mindset and be open to new possibilities. It has only been 17 days of the new year, but here are some life-changing lessons I have already learned. 

  1. “Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.” – Tony Robbin. Remember, life gives us what we need to succeed and if we fail, we fail in order to become stronger. There is no need to complain about bad luck or a lack of success because we are in control of our life, leaving no one to blame. Sitting around and letting things happen TO you can be compared to giving up. Instead, live with purpose and act with passion so that you are making life happen FOR yourself. Be ambitious. 
  2. Every time you think something negative about your life and yourself, replace it with a positive thought. Compliment instead of degrade. Inspire instead of reject. Love instead of hate. When you focus on the good, regardless of the bad, you can’t help but find happiness. Or at least reassurance. 
  3. You are often indecisive about things you don’t want to do in the first place. When you are able to be decisive, it’s usually because you are interested in the decision. Stop putting yourself in the position to control and decide the fate of things that you lack interest in. Focus on your passion and decision-making will be purposeful.
  4. A work-life balance is the only way to live. Separate the two and make equal time for both. Don’t disregard your need for the balance. This balance will help avoid burnout and laziness.
  5. Delegate the work you have to do with a team. Explain directions carefully and thoroughly and allow for questions. Then back away and let people learn for themselves. A good leader doesn’t spread themselves thin. They are able to delegate work and lead by example.
  6. If something is really stressing you out, stop and take a moment to ask, “what’s the worst that could happen?” Sometimes we get worked up about the little things and forget we have a whole life that we are in control of. We can not live if every little road bump slows down our momentum. Problems are not as big as we make them. Overthinking is often our biggest enemy.
  7. If you have completed the work you needed to and have prioritized your health, doing nothing is not lazy. How we choose to spend our free time should not be anyone’s concern. You shouldn’t feel guilty or lazy for binge-watching TV or sleeping in. A break, weekend, or vacation can be filled with adventure or filled with absolutely nothing. There is no such thing as being lazy when you are on your break time. That saying, make sure at work-time you are competing what’s needed.
  8. Instead of being so pessimistic and negative about your situation, contemplate, “what if it goes right.” Turn every doubt into a possibility. 

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